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Städtische Moderne Innenarchitektur

Buuky as a Service

Enhance creativity, optimize facilities sustainably, and enable flexible project work for your organization through our workplace booking system.

Try Buuky for free for 30 days

Modernes Büro mit Holzboden

Experience Buuky and its full range of features for 30 days with no obligation. No payment information is required, and our sales department will not contact you. Start your Buuky trial today.

If you choose to purchase Buuky, you can seamlessly continue using all your data. However, if you decide not to use Buuky, your trial will end after 30 days with no cost to you.

How to start your 30 day trial

Just register and get started right away: Three steps to your Buuky as a Service instance:

Fill registration form

Confirm email

Get started

You have questions about Buuky or the test? Then simply contact us.

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