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Buuky Pricing

1 € per User per month

10 € per User per year

Buuky is the easy and affordable desk sharing solution. Our pricing is simple and transparent.

Costs for Buuky, the Hot Desking software

Our pricing: As simple as Buuky itself

  • Is there a volume discount?
    Yes. The more users you book, the cheaper the individual accounts become. The following price scales apply to Buuky as a Service: You can find the price scale for the Confluence app here in Atlassian Marketplace.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section answers frequently asked questions about your business, e.g. "Where can we deliver?", "What are the opening times?" or "How do I book a service?". With FAQ you make it easier for visitors to navigate on your website and at the same time improve your SEO.
  • What happens if the number of my users changes?
    Buky offers flexible user subscriptions that are billed on a monthly or annual basis. If the number of your users changes during the period: no problem. New users will be automatically taken into account with the next billing.

Just use it

Buuky as a Service does not require any installation, you can use Buuky via any browser from desktop or mobile.

You can install the Buuky App for Atlassian Confluence with just a few clicks via the Atlassian Marketplace.

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