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Desk sharing for SMEs

The fair room booking system for ALL organizations,
regardless of whether 10, 100 or 1,000 employees

Lockeres Meeting

Desk sharing for all teams

Buuky is the simple and affordable desk sharing solution for companies of all sizes. You can use Buuky even with fewer than 50 employees and you never pay more than 1.00 euros / user / month.

With just a few clicks you can set up your own Buuky, create one or more locations and invite users. 

And here we go: From now on, your employees can book workstations, you can see all the evaluations and hybrid work becomes a reality for you.

Benefits of Buuky for small businesses

Our offer: Simply try out Buuky with all functions for 30 days free of charge!

Hybrid work – offer your employees a flexible working environment

According to Statista, a good 65% of German employees say that they would prefer to work hybrid, i.e. partly from the office and partly from home. But only 27% of employers offer hybrid working. Hybrid working offers advantages for all sides. For example, employees save travel times and costs and increase their flexibility. Companies can optimize office costs and utilization, are a more attractive employer and continue to have personal contact with employees.

We have written down all the advantages of hybrid work in our blog.

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