Desk Booking made easy

Simplify desk booking for your teams and optimize your facilities with office insights.

Desk Sharing Office

Shared Working Environments

Intuitively find a free space and focus on your business.

Existing Hot Desking solutions such as shared Excel sheets or wiki tables are tedious and prone to error. They can also be full-blown big booking solutions which are overwhelming and often expensive.

Stop wasting your team’s capacity with uncoordinated desk searches and introduce an intuitive desk booking solution that people love now.

Intuitive Booking

Buuky is an intuitive desk booking system as an online service with a short booking process at its heart, even on your mobile device.

Your daily work benefits from

  • two click bookings
  • interactive maps for easily finding a free place
  • my booking overview
  • integrating it into your Confluence intranet if you want to
Buuky How To Book En

Self-Service Configuration

You get full control through the Buuky configuration area!

It provides you:

  • self-service room configuration
  • booking insights
  • a user feedback system
  • an integration with your Confluence or Microsoft 365 user management

All of this and many more with an intuitive, easy-to-use, and mobile-ready online interface.

Boost your suistainability

Optimize your building automation with the Buuky integration interface

Improve your energy footprint by optimizing your smart building automation and energy control with booking information from the leightweight Buuky integration API. For example, heat up your offices only when there are bookings for this day.

Buuky Suistainability

Try Buuky 30 days for free, now!

Thanks to the Buuky online service, there are no installation efforts or computing resources required.

Buuky for Confluence Cloud

Get Buuky as Confluence App from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Buuky as a Service

Buuky as a Service: Just Booking – no IT infrastructure required.